Jeffery L. Stockford, Lead Pastor

Jeff grew up in Orlando, FL and came to Christ at age 12 in the middle of the Jesus Movement of the early 70's.  Jeff along with his wife Margie came to WFA in March of 2010 to serve as pastor.  He has a rich background in music/worship ministry.  In fact many of his songs are used for worship in churches around the world. Jeff has also been involved in planting several churches and ministries.

With all his musical background, the last thing he expected was for God to call him to be the lead pastor of a church. But as it turns out, it seems that this is the very thing that God had been preparing Jeff to do all along.  In addition to leading worship, Jeff teaches God's Word weekly with messages that are always given through the lens of Jesus' finished work on the cross. The grace of God has totally changed Jeff's life and perspective. In fact everything we do as a church springs from this awesome revelation of God's love for all and Jesus' substitutionary sacrifice on our behalf.

His vision is to see the body of Christ live with a greater understanding of all that Christ accomplished at the cross on our behalf, and to discover our true identity in Him.

Jeff and his wife Margie have one beautiful daughter named Grace who is married to a wonderful young man named Carsen serving in the US Navy.  However, the nest is not completely empty as they are currently raising a Maltese named Gunny and Schnauzer named Dixie Pig (AKA "Me First").​

Our Pastor